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'Pure Exchange of Ideas Is Invigorating'

Catherine Frank

Catherine Frank revels in the view of Mount Pisgah from her office window, and it's a view that can take her mind as far away as Chapel Hill. Even though she has lived in Asheville since 2010, Frank values her enduring connection to her former home.

Humble's Work Improves Healthcare

Charles Glenn Humble

Throughout his career, Charles Glenn Humble has worked in a variety of settings, from the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry and the nonprofit sector, and has helped develop innovative ways to solve healthcare problems.

A Passion for Helping Others

Donna Bainbridge

After working with the Special Olympics for 20 years, Donna Bainbridge is pleased that her University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate degree enabled her to pursue her life-long passion for helping others.

Innovator Braces for Challenges

Glenys Thorstenson

Glenys Thorstenson makes people smile for a living. She had always been interested in medicine, but knew she didn't want to go to medical school. It took Thorstenson several different paths to find her way to orthodontics.

What a Manuscript Tells Us

Elizabeth Teviotdale

“Essentially, nearly all we know about the Middle Ages we know from the written record,” says Elizabeth Teviotdale. The ability to interpret handwriting used in the Middle Ages is both basic and necessary to advancing knowledge about that time, she adds.

Inspiring Young People to Aspire

William Evans

“My graduate degree from UNC has enabled me to inspire and protect hundreds, if not thousands, of teenagers,” says William Evans, dean of students at Durham Technical Community College's Middle College High School.

Leading the Leaders

Debra Stewart

When Debra Stewart first arrived at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1970, she struggled in the chaos of the intense, politically charged campus.

A Quiet Difference

Harry Jones

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, ideological battles over issues of race were raging throughout North Carolina. Often the conflict centered on education—and people like Harry Jones who crossed the boundaries of expectations.

More than Meets the Eye

Priscilla Patterson Taylor

Today, it is hard to imagine Priscilla Patterson Taylor sleeping with a pistol under her pillow in Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War.

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