What's new with Tar Heel Footprints 2.0?

Tar Heel Footprints 2.0

  1. Better performance and faster loading of map and images, especially on modern browsers (Firefox or Chrome)
  2. New ability to filter alumni by degree program or by school
  3. New option to toggle between map and satellite view
  4. Overall improved images and graphic styles
  5. Footprints can now accommodate two separate graduate degrees
  6. Footprints text now provides support for foreign characters
  7. Users now receive a confirmation email when submitting a footprint and an update email when their footprint is processed and added to the map. This email includes a direct link to their footprint.

Updates to the full screen map:

  1. Improved clustering of footprints in zoomed out view
  2. Map controls will accommodate any screen size from widescreen to mobile device

Updates to the registration form:

  1. Ability to enter foreign characters
  2. Option to specify whether this is a new footprint or an update to an existing footprint
  3. Option to enter second graduate degree
  4. HTML5 input fields improved usability features and validation
  5. Ability to select map location directly from the registration form. You can enter an address and click the "Find Location" button to automatically geolocate footprint. You may also click or drag directly in the map to select or adjust footprint location.
  6. New option to specify address type (home, work, other)

Updates to the registration process:

  1. Users can preview their footprint as it will appear in the final map and either go back and edit their footprint or confirm the previewed footprint as correct.
  2. If a user hits edit button to go back, their prior form entries are saved so they will not need to retype anything.
  3. New form processing features to prevent duplicate entries

Known issues:

  1. Performance is slower when using Internet Explorer....
  2. Occasionally footprints with identical address locations may obscure each other. We are currently working on a solution for this issue.
  3. Clicking navigation buttons repeatedly may hide footprints briefly. Clicking anywhere else in the screen should restore footprints.

That's all for now!